Supports everything

  • Create option or phantom pools reserved for employees and keep track of how much is granted, available, vested and exercised
  • Grant options, phantom options, warrants or add reverse vesting to stock transactions
  • Track exercise, termination and expiration

Any vesting schedule

  • Add vesting or reverse vesting to any transaction
  • Use simple linear vesting with duration, interval and cliff, define your own custom vesting schedule, or select a preset
  • Visualizations help you understand what happens

Engage your employees

  • Engage your employees with notifications two weeks before a cliff, vesting, or grant event
  • Invite your employees to track their stake and vesting in their Ledgy portfolio
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Diluted cap table

  • See your pools and employee participation grants in the cap table
  • Choose to only show pools or the detailed view with the grants distributed to their holders

Spreadsheet importer

  • Get started in minutes with the copy-paste spreadsheet importer
  • Copy-pasting employee grants from your existing spreadsheet