Granular access rights

  • Stakeholders will only be notified if you explicitly invite them yourself
  • Admin Full control over the company for your co-founders
  • View See all cap table info in a read-only mode for due diligences
  • Portfolio Only see their ownportfoliostake

Secure data room

  • Save on costly due diligence tools
  • Prove your transactions by linking their respective legal documents
  • Make linked documents accessible to stakeholders involved in the transaction
  • Quickly pull up documents by the information of their linked transactions; for example, all of a specific stakeholder, share class or date range

Due diligence history

  • Set your company up for future due diligences, saving you hours of work and lawyer costs
  • The transaction-based cap table allows browsing through the history
  • Track your valuations and understand the history in terms of percentage and number of shares

Blockchain certification

  • Unforgeable proof that your documents were not modified since the certification
  • A certificate of each document is automatically stored on the Bitcoin blockchain when it is uploaded
  • Using Ledgy from the beginning thus builds a new level of due diligence history

Edit log

  • Equity data is too important to be accidentally tweaked in a spreadsheet
  • Keep track of who edited what and hold admins accountable

Holding confirmations

  • Download holding confirmations with a single click
  • They will list all assets owned by the stakeholder and optionally include a tax value of the shares