• Transaction-based cap table, setting it up for future due diligence, saving you hours of work and lawyer costs
  • Supports issuance, transfer, convertibles, stock split, valuations, treasury shares, unlimited share classes and more
  • Analyze it by stakeholder, share class, stakeholder group and view it with all, outstanding or diluted shares
Available shares for transfer

Numbered shares

  • In some countries numbering shares is necessary, and it can be a real pain
  • Auto-assign share numbers for all your transactions; Ledgy will determine the next available ones
  • Numbers are checked for consistency, giving you the peace of mind that none go missing or are assigned twice
Share number checking

Pooled investments

  • Pooled investments are common in many countries, Ledgy helps you keep them organized
  • View the cap table in legal or economic terms
  • They work with numbered shares and you can even run exit modeling with all economic stakeholders
Pooled investment

Attach documents

  • Prove your transactions with their respective legal documents
  • Share the documents attached with the stakeholders of this transaction
  • Quickly pull up legal documents by the information of their linked transactions
Learn more about document management
Attach doc to transaction

Spreadsheet importer

  • Speed up your onboarding process with the bulk import feature
  • As easy as copying and pasting stakeholders, shares issues, or options
Bulk entry