Traineeship: Women in Web

We want to support women to become web engineers, join our team and help tackle the next growth phase to become the #1 equity software for startups in Europe and beyond.

At Ledgy, we really like ♥️ doing web engineering. And we want to spread the word and make more people discover the joy of designing processes, turning them into instructions for machines, and building an intuitive interface for the user.

However, as of today, female web engineers are still in the minority and we want to change this. Why? Because it’s more fun to work in a diverse team, and it is a topic we value and care about.

We want to give more women the opportunity to dive into the art of web engineering, teaching them the tools and concepts to turn abstract ideas and processes into beautiful pictures of code and user interfaces.

As a trainee in web engineering at Ledgy, you will…

  • Work full-time at Ledgy for at least 6 months
  • Be part of our product team from day 1
  • Learn from our experienced engineers, who all have different backgrounds themselves (e.g. environmental engineering, physics, biomedical engineering, and neuroscience)
  • Dive deep into the mechanics of the World Wide Web and the digital world
  • Discover your own personal strength in a specialized field (eg. algorithms, user interfaces, operations, or data analytics)
  • Enjoy the delights of connecting the dots and logical reasoning 🖖
  • Build elegant and intuitive user interfaces for the web
  • Get to understand the beauty of functional programming
  • Boldly go where no web engineer has gone before 👩‍🚀

What your typical work could look like

  • In your first month, you will
    • Set up your development environment
    • Learn to use GitHub, TypeScript, React, and Meteor
    • Pair program with your mentor and other trainees 🍐
    • Rename some text in the application and understand how code from your computer gets to the customer
  • In your second month, you might
    • Look at new code from other team members and ask questions
    • Add a badge to a stakeholder on our stakeholders‘ page if they are involved in a signature
    • Improve styling of a small subpage in our app by adjusting CSS classes and properties
  • In your fourth month, you will probably
    • Work alongside the development team, pairing and reviewing their code, getting feedback on a daily basis on individual progress made
    • Get an overview of the code architecture of Ledgy
    • Build a new PDF export for our investor portfolio
    • Add a new Markdown description field for companies
  • In your eighth month, you are likely to
    • Be already in your second month of your first actual web engineering position
    • Become an owner of Ledgy yourself

Joining Ledgy, means to…

  • Be one of the first team members of a company that scales from Switzerland to be the major player in Europe and globally
  • Work with a passionate team with diverse interests such as outdoor ⛰️, meditation 🧘, and space exploration 🌌
  • Have a chance to get to get to know the startup world inside and out
  • Have flexible working hours, be able to work remotely, and benefit from 25 days of vacation
  • Take part in quarterly company offsites and regular team activities
  • Join our healthy, vegetarian, gourmet lunch salads and enjoy weekly deliveries of local and organic fruits and snacks (from as well as unlimited tea and coffee (from

Sounds interesting?

Send your application before Sunday, September 6th including your CV to, and a video (max. 5 min, as a URL to an unlisted video on YouTube) with your answers to the following questions:

  • What makes you excited about this opportunity?
  • What previous achievement in your life are you most proud of and why?

You will hear from us no later than Sunday, September 13th.

Feeling too advanced for a traineeship? Take a look at our engineering position!

The Ledgistas during the team hike in Val Müstair

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