Features for investors

Enjoy flexible reporting and portfolio management solutions for business angels, professional investors, and funds. Give your portfolio startups the freedom to streamline their equity processes as they scale with a suite of dedicated startup features

Manage multiple portfolios

  • Keep an eye on the stake and value development of your portfolios
  • Manage multiple portfolios in parallel, for your personal investments, investment vehicle or VC funds
  • Complete your portfolio with manual entries for startups not yet on Ledgy, and invite them with a single click

Spend less time on signing documents

  • Ledgy is the only equity software that offers digital signing with the same legal status as handwritten signatures (Qualified Electronic Signatures)
  • Verify yourself once, then sign as many times as you want with a single click
  • Organize all your signed documents in Ledgy

Streamline your reporting

  • Keep an eye on all relevant information about your startups, all in one place
  • Get notified of important events, like an upcoming convertible maturity
  • Receive informative and timely written reports and KPIs from your startups

Help your startups set up good processes

  • Startups often don’t understand at the beginning how complex equity management will become down the road
  • Timely reporting is a very good indicator for a successful startup
  • Help your startups to do their corporate housekeeping properly from the beginning

Onboard new employees in seconds