Features for finance

A scalable all-in-one solution for your company’s employee participation plan, cap table, modeling, investor relations, due diligence, and automated document signing

Automate your document signing processes

  • Request any number of signatures with a single click, generating individual documents from templates
  • Ledgy is the only equity software that offers digital signing with the same legal status as handwritten signatures (qualified electronic signatures)
  • Build signature workflows to sign shareholder agreements and convertible loans online without printing a single sheet of paper

Share reports and KPIs with your investors

  • Build and keep your investors' trust and support by sharing timely and engaging information with them
  • Quickly copy-paste your KPIs from spreadsheets and customize your graphs
  • Share written reports including documents, KPIs, images and add your company branding

Organize your legal documents

  • No need to waste money on separate data room software
  • Organize your legal document history, and give selective view access for due diligence
  • Share documents, attach them to investor reports, invite people to sign

Model funding rounds and future dilution

  • Understand how dilution works by quickly comparing different modeling scenarios
  • Enjoy flexible round modeling with support for convertibles, employee pools, and multiple rounds
  • Assess the impact of liquidation preferences with waterfall analysis and breakpoint charts

Keep your cap table, always accurate

  • Intuitive, legally valid, and error-free cap table from the beginning
  • Support for any transaction type, including issuance, transfer, convertibles, stock split, share destruction, and valuations
  • Featuring unlimited share classes, treasury shares, pooled investments, and automatically numbered shares
  • Granular access levels allow owners to control and double-check the publishing of new transactions

Instant customizable PDF and Excel exports

  • Create holding confirmations with a single click
  • Export equity plans, and cap table and stakeholder data with flexible filtering
  • Download your investor reports as PDF
  • Export your grant information for IFRS and EMI reporting

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