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Ledgy helps startups handle their employee shareholdings, cap table and investor relations professionally and accurately from the start. Ledgy provides investors a centralized source of all important information.

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"We’ve gone through exponential growth and change over the last few years. Ledgy’s enabled us to manage our cap table, investor relations, and employee participation plans with ease."

Felix Hupfauf, CFO, Frontify, Series B, 100+ employees
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Scalable Cap Table

Ledgy transforms your spreadsheet into a dynamic and future proof cap table. Get a clear, visual representation of ownership at each stage and scenario. Who will own what and how much will it be worth?

Accurately Model Financing Scenarios and Exits

Impress investors and stakeholders at every stage with accurate forecasting. Invite them into their own dashboard to clarify their future ownership. Employees also get their own dashboard with a transparent view of their stake in the company's success.

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