Scenario & Exit Modeling

Visualize the future of your company's success. Ledgy's scenario modeling software turns your finance rounds and exit models into a visual and flexible platform you can share with your stakeholders. Book a demo to see how.

Model Your Company's Future!

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Build Accurate Financial Scenarios & Exit Modeling

Ledgy allows you to visualize the future by building accurate financial scenarios and exit models. Avoid risk and failure by proactively calculating valuations based on your flexible exit events.

For Founders and Investors

Invite employees and investors into their own dashboard. Give them a glimpse into the future with accurate financial models, liquidation scenarios, and exits. And investors can manage their scalable range of portfolio companies in one streamlined platform.

We’ve gone through exponential growth and change over the last few years. Ledgy’s enabled us to manage our cap table, investor relations, and employee participation plans with ease.

Felix Hupfauf, CFO, Frontify, Series B, 100+ employees

Streamlined Equity Management

Ledgy becomes the single source of truth for all your equity-related activities. Investor relations, employee incentive plans, capital management, and document handling are easily managed from Ledgy's intuitive platform.

Keep the trust of your investors

You want to nurture the relationship with your investors, keep their trust, and make sure they support your journey. Ledgy makes it easy to keep a close line with investors and impress them with timely, professional updates and data.

Scalable Cap Table

Ledgy transforms your spreadsheet into a dynamic and future proof cap table. Get a clear, visual representation of ownership at each stage and scenario. Who will own what and how much will it be worth?

The startup behind successful startups

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Privacy and security first

With best-in-class privacy regulations, and being home to leading global financial institutions, Switzerland is the ideal location for your most sensitive data. Ledgy is GDPR-compliant, and makes sure you are always in control of your data. No compromises.

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