Best-in-class data protection

Your data’s security and privacy is Ledgy’s top priority. Our technical and organizational measures, compliance, and privacy-focused features let you control who receives what information.

Technical data protection

  • Your data is protected against attacks through encrypted connections and encryption-at-rest, with keys stored in hardware wallets
  • Server call rate limits protects the servers against DoS attacks and strict content security policies protect against code injection
  • Hourly, weekly, and monthly backups with a 12-month retention period ensure that data can’t be lost

Data stored in Switzerland

  • Equity data like stakeholder, cap table, and participation plan data is stored in Switzerland only
  • No sharing of equity-related data with third parties, no access by employees, except when you explicitly authorize support access
  • User data is shared with third-parties only with your consent and if necessary to provide Ledgy’s services. For example, sending updates via newsletter providers

GDPR compliance

  • Ledgy complies with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • You can export or delete your data at any time
  • We meet and exceed GDPR regulations by respecting user data rights, using industry-leading security measures, and designing our products and processes to be privacy-first

Privacy-first features

  • Granular access allows you to control what information to share with whom
  • Ledgy never contacts shareholders without consent of the company administrator
  • Strong passwords are required, two-factor authentication secures user accounts, and important actions are password-protected

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