Selektive Benachrichtigung der Beteiligten

Selektive Benachrichtigung der Beteiligten

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Selectively notify stakeholders when you make changes in Ledgy

When you make changes in Ledgy, you can now choose whether you want to alert the affected stakeholders or not.

People with admin access will still receive notifications such as:

  • alert about new transactions published
  • a new stakeholder accepting the invitation to join Ledgy
  • admin access assigned to a new stakeholder
  • billing changes
Notifications turned on

If you turn on the notifications, the affected stakeholders will receive an update in the form of an email. The report contains the change in ownership percentage and the change in value or number of shares.

Notifications turned off

If the notifications are turned off, the stakeholders will not receive the update email. They will see the changes directly in Ledgy once they log in.

17 Feb 2020
Spela Prijon
Head of Customer Experience & Sailor