Die Ausgabe und der Austausch von Aktien werden in Zukunft vollständig digital erfolgen. Die Blockchain-Tokenisierung wird dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Ledgy hilft, diese Zukunft zu gestalten.

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At Ledgy, we are convinced that in a not-so-distant future, the shares of all companies will be issued and exchanged in a fully digital way. It will be cheap, easy and fast. The question is not if, but when and how this will happen exactly.

Blockchain tokenization will play a major role by creating a digital layer that all participants trust—including legal authorities. Several companies are already working on tokenization, which is a big step in the right direction. While Ledgy is leaving the legal fight to the experts, we are committed to becoming the bridge between the classical and token world. We do this by offering startups an easy-to-use interface for all shareholder matters, independent of whether the shares are tokenized in the background or not.

We partnered with Alethena, a token shares issuer in Switzerland, to bring shares to the blockchain. Alethena helps companies to set up their shares on the Ethereum blockchain and will use Ledgy’s upcoming API to manage them transparently and securely. In this way, shareholders can conveniently manage their combined portfolio of both tokenized and classical shares.

Furthermore, Ledgy uses the Bitcoin blockchain to create a bulletproof due diligence history for companies. The good news: The companies don’t even have to think about it or understand fully how it works. It all happens in the background and gives companies the peace of mind that their equity is properly taken care of. Plus, they will be ready to impress during future due diligences. Great usability combined with blockchain security—we think it’s the perfect combination.

You can find a more technical background on the article about our blockchain notary.

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