Gedanken zum Cap Table, Finanzierungsrunden und rechtlichen Fragen rund um das Leiten und Managen eines Startups.

In the startup world, the two most widely used methods for raising funds are through equity and convertible notes. In this post, we’ll share with you real-world data from our app and some additional insights about convertible notes.
The third blog in the term sheet negotiations series. Andreas Goeldi answers questions about term sheets and the processes around it!
So far in this series, we have introduced the basics of term sheet negotiations and asked our investors Cedric Kohler and Andreas Goeldi to share their experiences. In this post, we discuss another exciting part of a startup’s life—the exit.
If you’re going through a financing round right now and need to model different scenarios, prepare for due diligence and sign documents, you can do that on Ledgy, for free.
There is power in ownership! By leveraging ESOPs & PSOPs companies are able to offer a win-win scenario for their employees and also for the success of their company.
The most successful high-growth companies understand the power of equity to attract talent. But what are the benefits and how do they efficiently manage it?
How are the most successful startups managing their cap table? Let’s take a look at the importance of your company’s cap table and the power of a modern equity management platform.
If you are looking for more clarity on the details of pre- and post-money option pools (aka. the option pool shuffle) you just found the right resource.
Startups manage their equity online and digital signatures are a necessary addition.
The second blog in the term sheet negotiations series. Cédric Köhler answers questions about term sheets and the processes around it!
Googling “post-money valuation” returns many results, some of them dive deep into the “accounting” explanations and others only acknowledge one calculation method. The reality is, that there is no industry-wide “right” way to calculate it.
The first part in a series of interviews and blogs, describing the clauses you should always pay attention to.
This part of the Term Sheet Negotiations series brings us the last missing piece of the puzzle–the lawyer. Everything you've ever wanted to ask an extremely experienced startup lawyer can now be found in this blog.
What are the questions employees most often wonder about? The free comprehensive guide can help you answer their questions.
It’s no secret that the current entrepreneurial world is dominated by startup giants from the United States. So, if European startups want to catch up, as well as stop losing talent to US companies, they have to start offering company shares to employees.
Dominic (VP Talent at Index Ventures,) Frank (CFO at Raisin) and Yoko (CEO at Ledgy) share their experiences with employee equity and what it means to share ownership with employees.
Many companies are currently preparing to confront the bumpy months ahead, among others with convertible loans, so we wanted to share what we've learned.
14 Jan 2020
Post-money valuation is a straightforward and at the same time confusing term, because everyone can have a different formula they use to calculate it. In this blog post we discuss the different calculation methods!
16 Jul 2019
During any investment, some of the integral parts of negotiations are provisions that protect investors from dilution in subsequent financing rounds.
24 Jun 2019
Wir haben letzte Woche die allererste Generalversammlung bei Ledgy durchgeführt. In diesem Post teilen wir unsere Templates sowie unsere Learnings.
02 Apr 2019
A startup’s equity has a certain value and thus needs to be declared by the shareholders in their tax declaration yearly. Here’s a mini guide of how to communicate the equity’s value to your startup’s investors and employees.
27 Mar 2019
It’s a counterintuitive fact when a company is small but believe it or not: equity is the most precious asset a startup has. If explained and used well, it can play a key role in motivating your employees to stay on the boat for the long run.
24 Sep 2018
Since the introduction of our blockchain notary, every document uploaded to our platform is certified and stamped on the Bitcoin blockchain.
18 Sep 2018
At we’re building a new way of managing the cap table and equity of private companies in the cloud. What differentiates our approach from others, is that we model the current cap table with transactions, inspired by the blockchain.
30 Jan 2018
Our daily business is cap tables and share registers. One topic we regularly see divide the minds in Switzerland: Is it necessary to number the shares? Let’s try to bring some light into this darkness.
04 Dec 2017
Investment rounds can get tricky to calculate when convertible rounds with cap and discount come into play. So let’s have a look at how that works.