Free digital signatures and scenario modeling on Ledgy

If you’re going through a financing round right now and need to model different scenarios, prepare for due diligence and sign documents, you can do that on Ledgy, for free.

Our team, just like many others, has been working remotely for a bit over a week now. We had the first remote retro last Friday and after discussing our personal experiences of working remote, we brainstormed on how to help others.

We have temporarily adapted our product to accommodate multiple different needs of startups in these uncertain times. We have increased the amount of free digital signatures to 15 for everyone. That means that in the next 2 months everyone that already uses Ledgy or signs up will benefit from the offer.

1. Fundraising preparation

If you’re going through a financing round, you can use our free scenario modeling and compare different terms with their impact on dilution. You can then export the scenario and present it to your investors.

You can read more about scenario modeling here.

2. Remote document signing

A lot of finance and HR events require signed documents. And remote work can make the signing process a hassle.

Ledgy can help you with 15 free signatures of documents, which you can also attach to the equity transaction in question. This way the signed document can always be found right where it was used.

All of the documentation on digital signatures can be found here

3. For our existing Premium plan users

With the premium plan, all equity plan features are available for you to use. With the 15 free signatures, you can now request signatures for employee incentive documents from the employee and the CEO directly on the platform.

The documents can be attached directly to the relevant transaction or if you already had a document attached you can request a signature on that document. Once signed, the old document will be replaced with the new signed one automatically.

All of the documentation on digital signatures can be found here.

These adaptations are here to hopefully assist you in preparation and execution of your equity-related tasks.

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03 Jun 2021
Špela Prijon
Head of Customer Experience & Sailor

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